Wedding Lights

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In the summer of 2019, DJ Oli Express was on the Road a lot, including at Weddings. There he had the idea to make an Album about the process in the Church. DJ Oli Express then started producing the album with his Team. In November 2020, DJ Oli Express got to know the Publisher The first collaboration came with a Christmas Song called “Snowflakes”, written and composed by Adriana Diaz Rizo. DJ Oli Express contributed a remix for the beautiful Song. In 2021 DJ Oli Express got the idea that he would like to work with Adriana Diaz Rizo for his new Album. Then we got in touch with Adriana Diaz Rizo. She was enthusiastic, she got to work straight away. This resulted in the collaboration with DJ Oli Express and Adriana Diaz Rizo, the Song “Sanctuary”. Which is a very emotional Song. The Song "Used to Believe" was written by Mario Almonte. Who is Mario Almonte? The answer is: Mario Almonte won various competitions such as the Great American Song Contest and the Nashville Songwriters Competition and a lot more. The contact between DJ Oli Express and Mario Almonte came about through the publishing House. Both had the idea to do something together. The result is the Song "Used to Believe". It's a very funky Song. The Team at DJ Oli Express Music thought for a long time what the new Album should be called. They then came up with the Name "Wedding Lights". The new Album is now available in all the Stores.