Adriana Diaz Rizo

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Hi! My name is Adriana Diaz and I am from Nicaragua, currently living in the UK. Songwriting for me is all about story telling with the aid of sound. Being able to express an emotion both lyrically and melodically. I write from personal experience or about fictional characters and situations I find intriguing. I've written songs about a fugitive whose crime is to break hearts, about being tormented by the memory of someone you let go, about the moment when you are falling for someone and time stops or all you can think about is them, about being broken and trying to take your pieces and build yourself a better world.


In addition to songwriting I also enjoy writing short stories and poems. I find sometimes my poems and songs can intertwine and complement each other. If you took the time to read a poem, listen to a song, or simply glimpse through my page thank you! I hope in some way these songs, poems and stories resonate with you as well.


Sanctuary (ft. Adriana Diaz Rizo)
Can't Quit Him
Adriana Diaz Rizo - Snowflacks